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Supra Stereo Interconnect DAC-XLR 1m

Best applied between CD player, DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter), pre-amplifier and power amplifier in finest home hifi, pro-sound and studio.

Supra Stereo Interconnect DAC-XLR 1m(Made in Sweden)



Supra DAC - A lightning-fast interconnect cable with no brakes

Supra DAC is a really rapid response interconnect thanks to its extremely low capacitance. In accordance with our design philosophy, the inductance must be low for a loudspeaker cable whereas for a signal interconnect the capacitance must be kept to a minimum. Supra DAC is insulated with a special PE plastic which exhibits only 45 pF/m. Further it is foamed and encloses a lot of the cheapest, yet most efficient insulation; Air. More correctly insulation should be denominated dielectricum according to the physical laws, where there actually does not exist anything called insulation. Every substance, gas, fluid or solid, exhibits electrical properties, where the trick is to find and choose the most benign. Air is easily available, cheap and shows very good dielectrical properties compared to its price. When the PE is foamed, the residual amount of PE becomes like a sponge, hence further reducing its electrical influence on the fragile music signal. The enclosed air becomes the major dielectricum and results in an electrical locomotion without brakes; full dynamics, response time and 3D sound stage, you simply will not come any closer to the real live experience. Further it is shielded with our very efficient and strong semi-conductive nylon ribbon, keeping all malicious noise out.

The velocity factor of SUPRA DAC is as high as 78% of the speed of light. With the PTFE/Teflon, often used among our competitors, it would have been only 71%.


Supra DAC-XLR - Analogue Balanced Interconnect.

The above Supra DAC cabel provided with our finest XLR connectors Supra Swift XLR a ruggedly designed to sustain the tough professional handling on the road shows. Heavy-duty 24K gold plating for solid connections over and over again in virtually any climate and humidity. Best applied between CD player, DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter), pre-amplifier and power amplifier in finest home hifi, pro-sound and studio.

Technical Info


Mechanical data

Number of leads, totally (specified) 3 (+, - and drain) pieces

Lead area 0.54 mm2

Number of strands per lead 19 pieces

Strand dimension 0.19 mm

Lead material Oxygen-free 5N Copper

Di-electric (insulation) PE foam with encapsulated air

Shield Semiconductive Carbon Nylon

Jacket Age and heat resistant PVC

Outer dimension 6.1 mm

Weight 43 g/m

Length per bobbin 50 m

Electrical properties

Resistance - Ω / km

Capacitance 45 pF / m

Characteristic impedance 110 Ω

Velocity factor 0.78 x C (speed of light)


Technical data

Contact standard Balanced XLR for cable mount, male/female

Contact pins 24K gold plated copper

Insulation Noryl

Cover (patented) Shielding side mounted after cable fixing

Fixing - apparatus Button release quick lock

Fixing - cable Solder

Strain relief Housing cover clamping force

Maximum cable area in solder slot and solder loop 1.5 and 1.0 respectively mm2

Maximum cable diameter 7.7 mm

Dimensions ( x length female and male) 19 x 75 (female) 70 (male) mm

Supra Stereo Interconnect DAC-XLR 1m S$280.00
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