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Accessories - Digital/Optical/USB Cables
Clearer Audio Copper-Line Alpha Optical Cable 1m

Precision cut and highly polished medical-grade optical fibre
Three-layer polyethylene shield
Kevlar fibre and soft internal PVC jacket
Precisely machined gold-plated end tips

A Optical Cable with life-time warranty, made in England


Construction of Clearer Audio Fibre Optic cables begins with a high quality light conducting optical fibre (light guide). A thermal barrier protects the delicate fibre from heat warping and a mechanical outer barrier is applied to protect the assembly from damage. The ends are then precision polished in order to reduce harmful reflections. With efficient non deleting light transfer characteristics, the sound quality the Clearer Audio fibre optic provides, in common with all Clearer Audio interconnects, is full, relaxed and transparent.

  • The Copper-Line Alpha Optical Cable
  • Length - 1 Metre
  • Optical fiber: Medical grade optical fiber
  • Optical fiber: Precision cut
  • Optical fiber: Highly polished
  • Internal Protection System: Polyethylene non-reflective interface shield
  • Internal Protection System: Kevlar fiber
  • Internal Protection System: Soft PVC inner jacket
  • Plugs: Die-cast gold-plated housing
  • Plugs: Precision machined copper-alloy optical tip
  • Plugs: Highly polished optical lens
  • Plugs: Protective end caps
  • Clearer Audio Copper-Line Alpha Optical Cable 1m S$79.00
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