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CD Transport
C.E.C CD Transport *TL-3N*

A CD transport combining unique belt-drive engineering with advanced digital technology. A double belt-drive mechanism, separate motors for laser and turntable, combined with CEC Superlink.

CD Transport with a 1 year agent warranty, made in Japan !!!!


  • Hi-Fi Critic ***** Mar`2013

  • "This is a very impressive two-box CD player, with lovely timing and dynamic expression plus a sweet and delicate presentation. Add in exceptional DAC input flexibility, a sensible remote handset and costeffective construction at prices well below today's high end norm, and as a result deserves my confident recommendation."

  • Hi-Fi Stars ***** Mar`2013

  • "Since the company was founded almost sixty years ago, the Japanese manufacturer CEC has repeatedly made people sit up and listen with its innovations. The ingenious belt drive in its CD drives has now long been standard; the latest generation continues to provide good service in the form of the TL3N. The DA3N D/A converter which has now come out is the ideal partner for the TL3N and scores, among other things, by using the latest D/A chip whose use has so far been limited purely to the professional field. You get sound reproduction quality at its finest. The calm, supreme composure and confidence with which the TL3N and DA3N produce music together recall the playback by an analogue mass-loaded turntable. Great job!"

  • Hi-Fi Einsnull ***** Mar`2013

  • "What is definitely true is that CEC is back, and back with drums, trumpets and lots of new devices… CEC combines the best drive system, an excellent transfer concept and precise signal processing to create a CD drive/converter package with superior sound quality which shows the capacity of the CD in a very impressive manner"

  • The Audio Beat ***** Mar`2014

  • "This ability to maintain both the spatial and tonal distinction between instruments while also effortlessly maintaining the music's motion and pattern are what set the CEC so far ahead of the other transports that I customarily use -- units that are already ahead of the crowd in this respect. But the CEC is simply in another league. Even a swift listen will demonstrate just how solid and dimensional this transport sounds. It brings a rooted and purposeful quality to music, coupled to a clearly defined and stable soundstage. CEC TL 3N delivers so much performance for such a modest investment -- so much performance, in fact, that I can see more than a few customers buying it simply to rip their discs, only to rediscover just how good they themselves can sound."

    The CEC Superlink is our innovative signal interconnect solution. It requires four discrete interconnect cables. The left/right-clock data, bit-clock data and digital audio music data are all transmitted from the CD-transport to the DAC while the master-clock is generated inside the DAC and sent to the CD-transport. The transmission is done with 4 x 75-Ohm BNC cables with impedance matching.

    The TL 3N follows the same design philosophy as the TL 1N at a more affordable price. The TL 3N mechanism with two motors driving the laser and turntable, as well as the double suspension, eliminate internal and external vibrations. This is an evolutionary integration of analogue and digital technology. The top-loading design allows the use of a stabilizer for maximum disc stability.

    Last, but not least, there is an input for a single, universal, master clock signal from an external clocksignal generator. This can ensure that you only have one master clock, and that all slave units reference a single clean clocking signal. This word-clock maintains a perfectly-timed and constant bitrate to avoid data errors.

  • Drive System - Double Belt Drive // Spindle & Pick-up
  • Playable Discs - Audio CDs & Finalized CD-R/RWs
  • Power Supply - AC 120V/230V/ 50-60Hz
  • CD Stabilizer - Diameter 120mm, Weight 330g (Brass)
  • Digital Input - Word Clock BNC x1: 44,1kHz
  • Digital Output - COAXIAL x1: 0.5Vp-p/75Ω, TOS x 1: -21 to -15dBm EIAJ
  • Digital Output - AES/EBU(Balanced XLR) x1: 2.5Vp p/110Ω
  • Digital Output - SUPERLINK x1(BNC x4): 2.5Vp-p/75Ω
  • Analog Output - Balanced XLR (pin2=hot) x 1 / 4Vrm
  • Consumption - 7W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) - 435 x 100 x 296 mm
  • Weight - 10kg
  • Finish: Silver
  • C.E.C CD Transport *TL-3N*
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