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Accessories - Mains Power Cords
Clearer Audio Silver-Line Power Cable 1m

6N Silver-plated OCC Copper (99.9999%) conductors
Five layer layer silver-copper active sandwich shielding system
CL3 PVC insulation for safety
High quality Furutech connectors

A Power Cable with life-time warranty, made in England


  • WHAT HI-FI? June'08 *****

  • "Capable of truly astonishing improvements to your equipment's performance.."

  • Hi-Fi Choice'05 *****

  • "A cable that looks a million dollars. Its sonic effect is bold and upfront, thanks to an apparent increase in clarity...."

    As with all of our cables, the high-specification mid-range Silver-line™ Power Cable is made entirely by hand from start to finish. In comparison to the Copper-line™ Power Cable the Silver-line™ Power Cable benefits from silver-plated conductors, an extra dual layer of shielding, custom audio-grade ferrite rings, CAIG Laboratories conditioning treatments. The result is a power cable that offers better levels of transparency, dynamic response and lower background noise.

    ** PRODUCT UPGRADE - Now terminated with a Furutech IEC and wideband Super Suppressor with CAIG conditioning treatment **

  • The Silver-Line Power Cable - IEC
  • Length - 1 Metre
  • Super-Pure™ Silver-plated Copper (99.9999%) conductors
  • 2.46mm2 core area offers massive 26A rating
  • Offers very low resistance
  • Twisted geometry reduces RFI
  • Three cushioning cotton filler rods
  • Five layer Star Shielding Technique™
  • Audio Grade Dual-layer Aluminium Mylar Shield
  • Super-Pure™ Silver-plated Copper (99.9999%) Braid Shield
  • Audio Grade Dual-layer Aluminium Mylar Shield
  • Parallel Earthing System™ grounds all shielding layers
  • Shields against contaminating RFI and EMI noise to over 97dB
  • Polycarbonate housing
  • Perma-Lock™ Contact System for optimum wire-contact connection
  • Super Suppressor: 2 x Custom Audio Grade Ferrite Ring
  • NEW - Furutech FI-UK Gold Mains Plug
  • NEW - Furutech FI-15 Plus Gold IEC
  • Large copper contact pins for optimum power transfer
  • Fully constructed 90 hour pre-burn on the audiodharma Pro 2.5 Cable Cooker™
  • Superb out of the box performance
  • Improved dynamics with quieter soundstaging and sweeter treble response
  • Improved picture clarity, detail and definition
  • Clearer Audio Silver-Line Power Cable 1m S$719.00
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