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**BEST DEAL**Densen CDs DeMagic Reference

Refine the music with just a simple CD on to your CD Player. Surprising it works!!

A CD with no warranty, Made In Denmark!!!


Some years ago we discovered that a strong signal from a signal generator sent through the signal path of an amplifier had a positive effect on the sound. A year later, having experimented with complex signals, we found an algorithm of signals that gave a stunning improvement in soundstage, transparency, details, musicality and dynamics for audio systems.

The reason behind this is that the small magnets in the signal-path become, with time, orientated in one direction. This produces a detrimental effect on the signal. The DeMagic signal actually relocates the magnets, and thereby breaks the magnetic field and its negative effect on the sound.

Well, after having tried the golden diskette in several systems, I have to admit that it's use seems to produce audible and meaningful listening results. I have had, in fact, the feeling that the sound, at the end of the treatment, appeared cleaner and more transparent, with beneficial effects in regard to the soundstage.

It seems as if a light curtain that somehow darkened the musical signal had been removed. The most evident improvement is in the higher end of the spectrum, where the sound clears, eliminating in some cases a certain feeling of granularity on the upper midrange, but beneficial ef fects are also appreciated on the micro-contrast and naturalness of emission. It is okay to be sceptical, but once you have tried it you will not believe the effect. The DeMagic is relatively inexpensive as well.

**BEST DEAL**Densen CDs DeMagic Reference S$40.00
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