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The Chord Company Cobra Vee 3 RCA 1m

Great sounding and well constructed interconnect from British cable specialists - the Chord Company.

A Cable with life-time warranty, Made In England !!!!


  • Hi-Fi World ***** AWARDS '2014

  • "Silver-plated conductors and FEP insulation means that the Cobra VEE 3 will carry more information, more accurately. Itís a brilliant way to discover that thereís more to your favourite music than you thought. Carrying layers of detail and very fine dynamic information, bringing music to life and revealing subtle differences in timbre. Opening a window on the complex and wonderful sound that is the result of a beautifully played cello."

    Cobra VEE 3ís silver-plated, FEP insulated conductors and high frequency effective dual layer shield, combine to carry a signal with a high degree of accuracy. There are a lot of digital to analogue converters that offer a surprising level of performance in relation to their cost. Cobra VEE 3 would be an excellent cable to use both with these and some of the entry level CD players that are available. It will go some way to allowing you to hear the performance that these products are capable of, particularly in terms of detail and dynamics. The Cobra is fitted with Chord's VEE plugs, which deliver improved performance through a unique ABS enclosure, a special non-compression clamp and low mass connectors.

  • balanced/symmetrical cable design
  • multi-stranded silver-plated oxygen free copper conductors
  • twisted and are insulated with a low density, low loss polyethylene
  • two vibration damping cotton spacers
  • dual-layer shielding
  • high-density braid and an overlapped foil
  • The Chord Company Cobra Vee 3 RCA 1m
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