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Accessories - Mains Power Cords
Clearer Audio Copper-Line Power Cable 1m

6N OCC Copper (99.9999%) conductors
Three layer all-copper active shielding system
CL3 PVC insulation for safety
High quality Furutech connectors

A Power Cable with life-time warranty, made in England


  • WHAT HI-FI? Awards'07 *****

  • "If you want an affordable upgrade to deliver that extra ounce of performance, then Clearer Audio’s Copper-Line power cable is worth a flutte.."

  • Hi-Fi Choice'07 *****

  • "Quite frankly, even if this cable made no difference whatsoever to the sound you’d want it, wouldn’t you? Just how impressive is that mains plug? But we’re equally impressed by the fact that this cable can actually be handled and positioned without using tools – far too many mains wires are completely unmanageable. This is due to the flexible yet thick conductors and shielding, factors which presumably (together with Caig-treated plug and Furutech IEC connector) contribute to its ‘sound’, or rather the sound improvement it brings to amps and source components. Expect subtly improved detail and deeper images. Recommended..."

    The multi award-winning Copper-line™ Power Cable has an unusually high specification for the cost offering superlative performance. Manufactured by hand, the Copper-line™ Power Cable utilises 6 nines Super-Pure™ Copper (99.9999%), their three layer Triangle Shielding Technique™ with Parallel Earthing System™, high quality mains plug and Furutech connections. Rated at a massive 26A this high specification cost-effective power cable is capable of powering both front-end components and powerful amplifiers.

    As with all of their cables, the high-specification multi award winning Copper-line™ Power Cable is made entirely by hand from start to finish. The very best conductors, shielding and connectors contribute to a power cable that is capable of boosting the performance of any audio-visual component to a new level.

    ** PRODUCT UPGRADE - Now terminated with a Furutech IEC and wideband Super Suppressor with CAIG conditioning treatment **

  • The Copper-Line™ Power Cable - IEC
  • Length - 1 Metre
  • 6 nines multi-strand Super-Pure Copper (99.9999%)
  • Total core area - 2.47mm/sq
  • CL3 PVC Insulation
  • Pure cotton filler rods (x3) in spiral formation
  • Resistance – 0.00754Ω/M @ 20°C
  • Capacitance: Conductor to Conductor – 173.20 pF/M @ 1kHz
  • Capacitance: Conductor to Braid – 313.44 pF/M @ 1kHz
  • Inductance: Conductor to Conductor – 0.622 uH/M @ 1kHz
  • Inductance: Conductor to Braid – 0.320 uH/M @ 1kHz
  • Maximum continuous current – 26A
  • Maximum continuous working voltage – 300Vac
  • Dielectric strength test – 3000Vac / 1 min - PASS
  • Audio Grade Dual-layer Copper Foil Shield (earthed) - 100% coverage
  • Silver-plated Super Pure Copper (99.9999%) Braid Shield (earthed)
  • Audio Grade Dual-layer Copper Foil Shield (earthed)
  • Super Suppressor: 2 x Custom Audio Grade Ferrite Ring
  • NEW - Furutech FI-UK Gold Mains Plug
  • NEW - Furutech FI-15 Plus Gold IEC
  • Perma-Lock™ Contact System for optimum wire-contact connection
  • Large copper contact pins for optimum power transfer
  • Fully constructed 90 hour pre-burn on the audiodharma Pro 2.5 Cable Cooker™
  • Superb out of the box performance
  • Improved dynamics with quieter soundstaging and sweeter treble response
  • Improved picture clarity, detail and definition
  • Clearer Audio Copper-Line Power Cable 1m S$529 Quantity
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