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The Chord Company Crimson Vee 3 RCA 1m

The Chord Crimson VEE 3 is great value and makes an easy upgrade to a separates system or home cinema equipment, delivering a truly impressive performance.

A Cable with life-time warranty, Made In England !!!!


The Chord Crimson VEE 3 interconnect is designed to deliver accurate signal transfer with properly defined bass lines, dynamic drums and clear vocals for coherent and involving music. The Crimson VEE 3 uses two sets of multi-stranded oxygen free copper conductors, arranged in a twisted pair configuration and protected from interference by a dual layer shield. The connection is carefully engineered as well, with gold-plated contacts and an ABS plug casing. All the parts of the plug have been chosen in order to guarantee the best possible signal transfer, giving you more detail and drama in the music you listen to.

  • balanced/symmetrical cable design
  • two sets of multi-strand oxygen free copper conductors
  • twisted and are insulated with a low density, low loss polyethylene
  • two vibration damping cotton spacers
  • dual-layer shielding
  • high-density braid and an overlapped foil
  • The Chord Company Crimson Vee 3 RCA 1m
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